04 February 2012
2012 will see the release of FUN’s new studio album, Profundity. We can now confirm the complete track-listing: 01. Nothing but you 02. Without 03. Boyz from da hood 04. Free your mind 05. Chicago moonlight 06. Irregular 07. Desire 08. Up to the sky 09. Autumn 10. Into the light 11. Falling down 12. Estrellas brillantes The album has a running time of approximately 49 minutes and a provisional release date of February 24th. All tracks are written and produced by FUN.  
18 February 2012
Due to internal marketing matters the release of the new FUN album had to be postponed. Profundity will now be released on 02 March 2012. Thank you for your patience.  
02 March 2012
Profundity released today
The long-awaited new FUN album, Profundity, is released today, 02 March, by Stealtown Records. The album has already been acclaimed as a creative equal to the FUN classic Hits 2001. It is released only on CD, please order your copy here.  
27 April 2012
Falling down released on CD today
FUN’s new single, Falling down, gets its full single release today, April 27th.  
08 April 2017
Estrellas brillantes 2017
A new mix of Estrellas brillantes is set for a limited edition release to mark Record Store Day on April 22th.  
22 April 2017
The new single
Estrellas brillantes 2017 is out today. The CD single also includes an extended mix of the original version, which is previously unreleased.  
05 May 2017
Profundity - The remix album released today
FUN‘s new album is released today worldwide. We hope you enjoy it.